Ghosts and Magic in Vietnam - online tour

Ghosts wandering on the streets, shops where you can buy hell money for dead people, love magic practiced in Vietnam even nowadays and how to avoid it.

     If you're looking to stay active and immerse youself in the culture of Vietnam without leaving your home, look no further. Hear some magical stories you may not have heard otherwise, and buckle down at the end for a special Q-and-A session.

About the guide

Saigon, Vietnam

3 active tours

  "My name is My Luong. It is my pleasure to help people around the world to get better understanding about Vietnamese cuisine as well as culture."


What you will learn

  • You will be told real stories about love magics and charms which Vietnamese girls especially in MeKong Delta usually use to attract or keep men.
  • You may undergo hair-raising feelings while listening to hungry ghosts festival or death ceremonies passed on many Vietnamese generations.
  • Weird medicine and health treatments also will be expected from our knowledgeable guides, besides many ritual dances as well as traditional customs will be shared in the live chat.
  • Vietnamese ancestor workshiping will also be discusesd in details with many interesting facts in this 90 miniutes.
  • We will visit a shop specialized in selling items for dead people: hell money, clothes, cars, gold and other things which you will need afterlife.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't join at the arranged time?

We will send you a link with recording of the class. You even can send your questions in advance. We will try to answer them during the tour

How can I ask the guide questions?
Its a live chat, so you can ask any questions at anytimes.


Video preview

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What to expect

  • You register online on our website
  • We send you the link on online translation
  • At announced time you meet your guide in Zoom (application for online conferences)
  • After checking that everything orks the tour starts
  • A live class allows you to ask any questions
  • After the tour, we can send you some special gifts about Vietnamese mysterious custom by post


Online tour

Duration: 1,5 hours

Children: can join

Groups size: up to 99 people

Rating: 4,8 

Starting time: will be confirmed after registration

Payment: free (donation based)

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Maria Yevdokimova

Really awesome opportunity to teleport to Vietnam during quarantine! Thanks a lot for interesting info, answering all questions, even not related to the topic :)




Im so happy to join the tour. Its so great to explore the world even from few thousand kilometers away during this difficult time. I really like your voice!! Will join more tour with you, Luong.

Elena Petrova

Its so impressive. Now i cant wait until the lockdown finishes to travel to Viet Nam and by my eye will explore all of that. During the tour, I didn't miss any single second. See you in Viet Nam!!!


Super class, super guide! Only one negative side - the time was too short, would like to learn more and to hear more about Vietnam!


Im so happy during this 90mins. The only problem is that in the end the connection was bad, so I couldn't hear clearly.


I bought this experience for mother's day, and we had Luong or "Luna" as our guide. She was gracious, funny, kind and knowledgeable. She told us so many great facts and showed us beautiful pictures of her hometown. She taught us how to connect with spritual forces, how to make Vietnamese traditional food. It didn't stop there though, she taught us how to make Vietnamese hat- Non La and ginger jam. I was so happy that my mom loved this gift so much. Thank you, Luna!