Catamaran yacht in Sri Lanka - sea cruise with whales and dolphins

Perhaps this article is something that can radically change your vacation and instead of having a standard vacation in a crowded hotel, you can organize a trip that not only feels like a real luxury, but also will be remembered for a lifetime.

A yacht cruise is not only a luxury and a great alternative to an expensive hotel, but also the opportunity to see many marine animals.

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What animals can be seen:

  • Blue whales
  • Dolphins
  • Ramps
  • Flying fish
  • Sea turtles

What can I do

  • Coral Reef Snorkeling
  • Sea fishing
  • A personal chef on a yacht can immediately prepare caught prey
  • Learn to steer a yacht

Where is the yacht based, where do cruises start from

Depending on the season, the yacht is based in one of two ports in Sri Lanka:

In winter - on the south coast, in the port in Mirissa.
In summer - on the east coast, in Trincomale (Nilaweli).

Thus, yacht cruises are possible almost throughout the year, just from two different locations.

Transfer to the port is possible in any season throughout the year, however, keep in mind that a transfer from Colombo to Trincomalee can take up to 7-8 hours.

About yacht

The safety of navigation and accommodation on board is ensured by a well-coordinated team of 3 people - under the guidance of an experienced captain, his assistant.

The personal cook who gains many achievements in cooking competitions and is considered the best professional on the island will take care of your diet. He can offer both European dishes familiar to him, as well as treats from local culinary exoticism.

Unlike a single-hull yacht or multi-seat boat, renting a catamaran yacht provides

  • Safety of sailing (a stable design allows the ship to stay on the water surface with confidence even during severe weather).
  • Sailing is 20-25% faster than other small craft due to good navigation.
  • Stability with a minimum roll, which is important for tourists who experience bouts of "seasickness"
  • A small draft of the hull, which allows you to approach hard-to-reach places and delights fans to swim in shallow water.
  • Comfort with a feeling of home comfort (wide deck, secluded cabins, large open lounge, spacious cockpit, kitchen).

Cruise options off the coast of Sri Lanka

Half Day Whale Watching

It is a great alternative to the standard whale watching group tour.

In standard whale watching, you have to ride a big boat with 30-50 other tourists, having only a small seat at your disposal for several hours.

To rent a boat for half a day to observe whales is a more expensive, but also a much more comfortable experience that will be remembered for a lifetime. 

This option is especially suitable if you are traveling in a large company.

Cruises overnight on a yacht for 2-7 days

Usually it is not enough for those who are going on vacation to think of considering a yacht as an alternative to a hotel for a couple of days.

Meanwhile, according to our observations, a yacht cruise for a couple of days along the coast of Sri Lanka is one of those experiences that radically changed the impression of a vacation, turning it into the most memorable in life and making you feel all the luxury of sea travel on your ship.

Therefore, we recommend that you consider renting a yacht for 1-3 days for an unforgetable vacation.

Yacht and 5 star hotel - which is better?

At a comparable price with a 5-star hotel, the yacht will provide:

  • Personal cook instead of queues at the buffet
  • Freshly caught seafood
  • The whole ocean with its coral reefs to dive and swim instead of a beach with many tourists
  • Possibility to steer a yacht
  • An experience that will be remembered for a lifetime, instead of a standard rest

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Yacht cruise price from Mirissa, Sri Lanka

Cruise 2 days / 1 night
700 usd - one cabin/ 2 people
2800 usd - whole yacht (4 cabins)

Half day cruise - whale watching
1100 usd - whole yacht