Anuradhapura - Polonnaruwa - Sigiriya - Pidurangala - Dambulla (2 days)

A two-day tour of the historical and spiritual centers of the island.


What we will see during the tour:

  • The ruins of Anuradhapura - once a powerful city inhabited at the peak of power by 15,000 monks alone
  • Ruins of Polonnaruwa - the ancient capital of the island
  • The rock fortress of Sigiriya
  • Pidurangalu - a mountain with beautiful panoramic views
  • Cave and golden temples in Dambulla

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Detailed excursion program:

Day 1

5:00 - 10:00 Check-out from the hotel (check-out time depends on the location of your hotel)
11:00 Arrive at Anuradhapura


The first settlement on the site of Anuradhapura arose in the VI century BC. e. In 377 BC e. the city (called Anuradha) becomes the capital of the first Sinhalese kingdom on the island. Had a clear layout; in the vicinity there was an extensive system of irrigation canals. Anuradha developed dynamically as a trading center; marked on the maps of Claudius Ptolemy.

Jetavana Stupa

The largest brick structure on the planet, which is 1700 years old. At the base are the relics of the Buddha. At the time of construction, it was the largest building on the planet (higher than the pyramid of Cheops)

Buddha statue in Samadhi

The only fully preserved Buddha statue after the destruction and sack of the city. The statue is considered a unique ideal and example of Buddhist sculpture, as it managed to convey the expression on the face of the Buddha in a state of Samadhi, devoid of any emotions and attachments.

Moon rock

A stone on which the whole essence of Buddhism is encoded in graphic form, about the essence of our being, the cycle of rebirth and salvation from suffering.

Bodhi Tree

Grown from the same tree under which Buddha attained enlightenment 2,600 years ago, the Bodhi tree is the oldest religiously revered tree on earth.


Polonnaruwa is a city located in the northern part of Sri Lanka. Polonnaruwa was founded in the 3rd century AD, on the banks of the Minneriya reservoir created at the same time. In the middle of the 4th century, a royal residence was equipped in the city and it began to be perceived as a reserve capital of the island.


After the capture of Anuradhapura - the first capital of Sri Lanka - in 1017 by the Tamil conquerors, Polonnaruwa became the capital. The kingdom of Polonnaruwa was completely self-sufficient during the reign of King Parakramabahu I.


Today, Polonnaruwa is one of the best archaeological sites in Sri Lanka, which testifies to the wisdom, discipline and greatness of the first rulers of this state. In 1982, Polonnaruwa was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Statue of Parakramabahu


On the shore of the Parakrama Samudra reservoir (the largest artificial rainwater reservoir in Sri Lanka) stands a four-meter statue of a bearded old man carved from a granite rock. Most researchers agree that this is a statue of the great king of Sri Lanka, Parakramabahu. In his hands he holds a yoke - a symbol of the burden of power (according to another version, he holds a book).

Potgul Vihara (Vehera)


The monastery library is located on the central square terrace. The sacred books were kept in this building, it is surrounded by four small dagobas. The building has excellent acoustics, which is evidence that this building was also used for public readings of sacred texts.

You will also visit many other attractions in Polonnaruwa

Overnight at the hotel

Day 2:

7:00 Breakfast, departure from the hotel
12:00 Arrival in Sigiriya



Sigiriya (which means "lion rock") is a rocky plateau rising 370 meters above sea level and about 170 meters above the surrounding plain in the very center of the island of Sri Lanka. Since 1982, Sigiriya has been under the protection of UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. In the last quarter of the 5th century A.D. e. King Kaishepa built an impregnable fortress and his palace on the rock, in which he lived with 400 concubines.

According to legend, on the top of the rock was the palace of the demon king Ravana from the famous epic Ramayana, from where he once ruled the world.

Frescoes of the Sigirian Concubines. On the walls of one of the caves, images of dancing girls, presumably the concubines of King Kaishepa, have been preserved.

Gardens and fountains. The rock was surrounded by a moat filled with water filled with crocodiles. Endless gardens were laid out around the rock, in which almost the first fountains in the world beat.

Lion Gate. The monumental Lion's Gate led to the top of the plateau. Previously, they were built in such a way that you went inside the mouth of a lion, but today only paws have survived.

Pool. And in the pool for the concubines of Kashyapa, water was supplied to a height of 87 meters through a complex system of powerful pumps. Before and after the reign of Kasapa, there was a cave Buddhist monastery on the rock.

Jeep Safari in Minneriya Park (optional)

We will go on a cross-country jeep safari where we will have the opportunity to see many wild elephants. You will also see huge flocks of birds such as pelicans, storks and peacocks. If you're lucky, you can also see giant squirrels, deer, wild boars and even leopards.


The rock monastery of Pidurangala is a good replacement for Sigiriya, which is located very close to it. The view from the top of Pidurangala is spectacular.

Elephant riding (optional)

Next, we will have the opportunity to ride elephants, go around the local village and cross the river on horseback on these amazing animals.

Ethno tour (village tour and traditional lunch) - optional

Also in Sigiriya you can go to the so-called EthnoTour, where you can get acquainted with the life of the Sri Lankan village.

Golden and Cave Temples in Dambulla

On the way we will be able to see the Golden Temple in Dambulla. cave Buddhist temple of the 1st century BC. e., carved into the rock, with numerous statues of the Buddha. The Stone Temple of the Sleeping Buddha is the largest cave temple in South Asia. The temple has been a sacred place of pilgrimage for 22 centuries. Many successive rulers of the island took part in the creation of the cave temple complex. The temple complex consists of several caves, located at an altitude of 350 meters, and numerous niches, the surface of which is painted with Buddhist wall paintings.

When visiting temples and other places of worship, you must follow the dress code.

It is necessary that the shoulders and knees are covered (the requirement is relevant for both men and women). It is desirable that the clothes have long sleeves. The "beach" version of clothing will not work.

18:00 - 21:00 Return to the hotel

Hotels where we stay:

Wewa Addara (Sigiriya)

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Excursion price*:

(Overnight at 4* hotel, entrance fees to Sigiriya, Pidurangala, Dambulla, Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa)

Number of people Auto with English speaking driver With English-speaking guide
2 $390 per person (780 for two) $540 per person (1080 for two)
3 $350 per person (1050 for all) $450 per person (1350 for all)
4 $330 per person (1320 for all)  $405 per person (1620 for all)
5 or more  $300 per person  $360 per person

*To start from Unawatuna, Hikkaduwa, Mirissa, Tangalle, an additional fee of +$70 will be required

*To clarify the cost from other locations or more people, write or call us.

What's included. Entry tickets

Included in the price:
comfortable car (or minivan) with air conditioning
one night at the hotel
visiting Anuradhapura
visiting Polonnaruwa
climb to sigiriya
Climbing Pidurangala
cave temple in dambulla
English speaking driver
petrol, parking, toll roads
English speaking driver
Russian audio guide

Not included:
Personal expenses and tips
Lunches and dinners (only breakfast at the hotel)
Russian-speaking guide (it is possible to organize an excursion with a licensed Russian-speaking guide + $150)

Entrance tickets (price per person):
Jeep Safari (optional) - $80 ($120 if 1 traveler)
EthnoTour + lunch - $45
Elephant ride at Sigiriya - $20

Reviews about the organizer




I, as a professional wildlife photographer, traveled to Sri Lanka with some unusual requests. Igor helped not only to plan the route through the national parks and provided a very good driver, but also helped to find professional ornithologists in all the necessary locations.
We traveled to almost all national parks - Udawalawe, Minneriya, Yalu. We went to Sinharaja. There are many elephants and birds everywhere. Yala confirmed its reputation - here we managed to see leopards, however, unfortunately - very far away. I really liked Khabarana - the best place for shooting birds that you can find. We took a half-day ride to Wilpattu - a little-known park among tourists, which Igor recommended to me. The park itself is beautiful, comfortable, good paths, it is clear that they are taking care of it. You can definitely put it on a par with Yala. Unlucky to see leopards, but lucky to see Himalayan bears and giant squirrels. Of the minuses in Wilpattu - the complete absence of normal hotels near the park. I would not advise anyone to stay here overnight.
The rain spoiled the experience a bit. Complicated filming in Sinharaja. It is a pity that because of the rains it was not possible to shoot in the forests in the Kandy region. If you go to Sri Lanka for the sake of animals and national parks, you still need to take into account the season. But anyway, a huge thank you guys for organizing! With all the difficulties, it was thanks to them that we managed to squeeze the maximum out of this trip. Organization at the highest level - the guys will solve any problems, always in touch, find hotels in the right places at any time, organize transport, professional guides and ornithologists will prompt. Definitely 5+




Good afternoon, the tour went great. Very good guide, we will recommend you to all our friends. THANK YOU!