Rainy season in Sri Lanka - should we be afraid?

The rainy season in the resorts of Sri Lanka by months. When is the best time to visit Sri Lanka?

The rainy season in Sri Lanka is not an obstacle to holidays on the island. If the southwestern part of the island is under the influence of monsoons, storms and occasional heavy rain, then on the east coast there is a calm ocean and clear sunny days. There is no bad weather in Ceylon. The tourist season lasts here all year round, you just need to know which side of the island you can go to rest during this period.

Two rainy months: May and October, this is the "border" period when the season changes. Frequent precipitation, the ocean is stormy. If possible, it is better to postpone a trip to Sri Lanka to other months.

When there are strong waves in the ocean

The Indian Ocean is always waves. Calm water is only near the coral reefs that protect the beach from waves and where natural bays have formed. There are similar lagoons without waves in Hikkaduwa, Unawatuna, Trincomalee and some others.
resorts. Out of season, the ocean rages. Powerful waves lift the sand off the coast. A strong current will not allow intermediate swimmers to enjoy swimming. And it can be dangerous, especially for children. Therefore, it is better to swim near the shore, without swimming over
high waves. Specialists monitor the state of the sea: a red flag on the sand will warn you about the dangers of swimming on this day.

Weather in Sri Lanka

The central regions of the island often experience unpredictable, changeable weather. Given the difficult terrain and location in the tropical zone, even local weather forecasters cannot accurately predict the weather. In one area there can be a drought and at the same time, literally ten kilometers away, heavy rains can fall. But this is not a reason to refuse excursions to the central regions of the island. As a rule, the weather is not a hindrance. It can spoil the impression of one of the sights, but all our routes include many points of visit at once. It does not happen that everyone's visit is spoiled due to bad weather. Below is information on the seasons so that you can decide when is the best time to relax in Sri Lanka.

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Average annual air and water temperature in Sri Lanka

Due to the proximity to the equator, the change of seasons on the island is not very pronounced and differs mainly in the amount of precipitation. The difference between the maximum and minimum temperatures is not very pronounced. In this regard, it is possible to speak specifically about the average annual air and water temperatures in Sri Lanka.

The average annual water temperature in the ocean is +27 - +29 С. It's high time in the central regions of the country, the average annual temperatures are much lower: around +18C - +20C during the day, +10C - +14C at night.

Seasons in the central regions of the island

Kandy. Dry season: January - March, July - September. Rainy season: April - May, October - December.
Highlands (Nuwara Eliya, Ella). dry season January - March, August, September. Rainy season: May - July, October - December.

During the rainy season, the rivers become full flowing. At the same time, waterfalls fall in a powerful stream and look especially impressive.

The rainy season on the coasts of Sri Lanka by months

The largest number of resorts in Sri Lanka is located on the southern and western parts of the island. Fortunately for residents of countries with a harsh climate, these resorts are best visited in winter. Sri Lanka is especially popular during the New Year holidays: you can “teleport” from winter to summer, to heavenly beaches with coconut palms and white sand.

November to April

November, December, January, February, March and part of April is the season only in the southwest of Sri Lanka. During this period of time, the average air temperature is 29-30C. Ocean temperature 28C. Precipitation is rare. The high season starts from mid-November
in Sri Lanka. Since November, the weather on the island has been wonderful, with occasional short rains, mostly in the evening. Precipitation does not interfere with rest: they are short. In November, the choice of housing is wider, prices are low, as there is no influx of tourists. The stream will rush in December with the approach of the New Year holidays.

December and January, and especially the New Year holidays, Christmas, is the peak season. Hotel rooms, transfers and excursions are best booked in advance.
In mid-late April, it may start to rain.

May to October

June to September is the high season in the northeastern part of the island. Resorts: Kalmunai, Batticaloa, Arogam Bay, Trincomalee. Kandy - only April and May, or October, November December. Nuwara Eliya - May, June, July, or October, December.
It rains regularly in the resorts of the southwest and highlands.

In May and October there is a change of season and rains are a frequent occurrence, and the ocean is stormy.