Turtle beaches in Sri Lanka

The waters around Sri Lanka are rich in marine life: whales, dolphins, shellfish, many species of exotic fish, and of course, sea turtles. The island has several beaches where sea turtles regularly come to lay their eggs. Tourists can look at the turtles up close, take pictures with them, feed them, and swim with them.

If you love turtles (and who doesn't?), be sure to visit the turtle farm near Kosgoda (available as part of the South Tour day trip):

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In total, 9 species of turtles live in Sri Lanka: 1 land species, 4 freshwater species and 4 marine species (Caretta caretta, Chelonia mydas, Eretmochelys imbricata and Lepidochelys olivacea).

Listed below are some of the places in Sri Lanka where turtles can be seen:

Turtle beach at Hikkaduwa

Near Hikkaduwa there are several beaches with turtles. The most famous is Turtle Beach, a beach with turtles and reef sharks in Hikkaduwa. This place is near the Hikka Tranz hotel. Turtles appear here every day. They are practically tame, they are not afraid of people, they willingly take food from their hands. You can hand-feed the turtles yourself, or you can use the services of local consultants who, for a modest fee, will give you special seaweed and show you how to hand-feed the turtles safely.

Care must be taken when feeding turtles. Possible traumatic amputation of fingers

Turtle beaches Mihiripenna Beach and Dalawella near Unawatuna

A 7-minute drive from Unawatuna Beach is Mihiripenna Beach, where sea turtles regularly appear. Also near Unawatuna there is Turtle beach (aka Dalawella beach and Vijaya beach).

You can snorkel among the turtles. Children especially like this adventure. They are delighted with playing with turtles. The turtle beach in Sri Lanka is a must-see on the island for those who love nature.

Some species of turtles are listed in the Red Book and have a conservation status. If they do any harm, you run the risk of being prosecuted.

Rewaka turtle beach (near Tangalle)

Rewaka Beach is located 10 km from Tangalle and is a great place to watch turtles during the egg-laying season (between April and September). At night, green and leatherback turtles come ashore to lay their eggs on this beach. To visit Rewaka Beach, you need to pay an entrance fee, which goes to the turtle conservation project.