Sightseeing tour of Trincomalee

Trincomalee sightseeing day trip


Trincomalee is a resort town located on the northeast coast of Sri Lanka and located in a bay that protects the city from the winds, so the climate here is dry and warm. At the same time, Nilaveli Beach, located north of the city, is considered the best beach in Sri Lanka.

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What we will see during the tour:

  • Fort Frederick
  • Hindu temple kaneshwaram
  • Naval Museum "Hoods Tower"
  • Hot Springs

Dutch Fort Frederick

Dutch fort. In the center of the city is the ancient Fort Frederick, built in the 17th century by the colonialists. The ruins served as building material for it.
Sri Lanka's oldest temple, the Temple of a Thousand Columns.

Sightseeing tour of Trincomalee

Construction (the former name of Fort Trincomalee) was completed in 1624. In 1665, the old Fort Trincomalee was rebuilt and renamed Fort Frederick.

Sightseeing tour of Trincomalee

In 1795, the British captured the fort and kept a garrison there until 1948. During the First and Second World Wars, the fort was equipped with coastal artillery guns. The fort is currently under the control of the Sri Lanka Army, but is open to the public.

Sightseeing tour of Trincomalee

Hindu temple Kaneshwaram

The temple is located on a rock and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. For the locals, this is a sacred place.

Sightseeing tour of Trincomalee

The ancient temple of the Hindu god Shiva is built on a picturesque promontory overlooking one of the world's largest natural harbors. Researchers date the original buildings of the complex to the 4th century BC, while later buildings were added between the 5th and the end of the 18th centuries.

Naval Museum "Hoods Tower"

The Hoods Tower Museum is the naval museum of the Sri Lankan Navy in Trincomalee. It is located in Ostenburg, on the Trincomalee peninsula, on a high ridge overlooking the entrance to the inner harbour. The museum takes its name from Hoods Tower, an observation tower named after Vice Admiral Sir Samuel Hood, commander of the East India Station.

Sightseeing tour of Trincomalee

In 1920, the British began deploying coastal artillery on the Ostenburg Ridge to protect the entrance to Trincomalee harbor, which had become a major base for the Royal Navy. Coastal artillery batteries were decommissioned only in 1962.

The Kanniya Hot Springs

Sightseeing tour of Trincomalee

They are located 5 kilometers from Uppuveli and are several small wells with warm water in the open. This place is considered sacred to Hindus, so there are always a lot of people here. According to legend, the springs were created by the Indian god Vishnu to fight demons. There is nowhere to swim here, because. the wells are small, but you can collect thermal water in a bucket and pour it over it, this is exactly what locals and tourists do.

Fishing in the Cinnacaracci Lagoon

You can go boating and fishing in the bay. Here you have the opportunity to see mangroves, many species of birds (pelicans, cormorants, kingfishers, cranes, etc.), and also, if you're lucky, crocodiles.

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For a group of 1-3 people. 4 seater $340

For a group of 4-8 people. Minibus. $390

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The price includes all entrance tickets according to the program and boat rental.

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I, as a professional wildlife photographer, traveled to Sri Lanka with some unusual requests. Igor helped not only to plan the route through the national parks and provided a very good driver, but also helped to find professional ornithologists in all the necessary locations.
We traveled to almost all national parks - Udawalawe, Minneriya, Yalu. We went to Sinharaja. There are many elephants and birds everywhere. Yala confirmed its reputation - here we managed to see leopards, however, unfortunately - very far away. I really liked Khabarana - the best place for shooting birds that you can find. We took a half-day ride to Wilpattu - a little-known park among tourists, which Igor recommended to me. The park itself is beautiful, comfortable, good paths, it is clear that they are taking care of it. You can definitely put it on a par with Yala. Unlucky to see leopards, but lucky to see Himalayan bears and giant squirrels. Of the minuses in Wilpattu - the complete absence of normal hotels near the park. I would not advise anyone to stay here overnight.
The rain spoiled the experience a bit. Complicated filming in Sinharaja. It is a pity that because of the rains it was not possible to shoot in the forests in the Kandy region. If you go to Sri Lanka for the sake of animals and national parks, you still need to take into account the season. But anyway, a huge thank you guys for organizing! With all the difficulties, it was thanks to them that we managed to squeeze the maximum out of this trip. Organization at the highest level - the guys will solve any problems, always in touch, find hotels in the right places at any time, organize transport, professional guides and ornithologists will prompt. Definitely 5+




Good afternoon, the tour went great. Very good guide, we will recommend you to all our friends. THANK YOU!